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Ulhasnagar News | Capital value tax: success of the Maha Signature campaign, read the full news

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Ulhasnagar: Such as the upcoming ordinance on the reconstruction of dangerous buildings, the request to start the regularization process, the permanent solution to the problem of landfills and the permanent cancellation of the capital value tax. For the other claims of interest of the city, the leaders of many NGOs of the city as well as the merchants launched a big campaign of signatures on October 2nd. The said campaign came to an end and the copy of the signatures made by the people regarding the said demands were handed over to Deputy Commissioner (Headquarters) Ashok Naikwadi and requested to send their sentiments to the Chief Minister.

It is worth mentioning that an attempt has been made by Ulhasnagar Municipality to impose an additional charge on citizens and traders in the name of capital value tax in addition to council tax. Taking cognizance of what has been opposed by the residents of all sections of the city, as per the order of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, the said tax recovery has been suspended. The demand of the people is that they demanded the cancellation of the said tax, not the maintenance. In the campaign, more than 2300 people supported the campaign.

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The campaign was supported by Ulhas Station Road Shiv Shankar Shopkeeper Association, Century Rayon Staff Gate Birlagate Shyamala Seva Sanstha Khemani, Jai Jhulelal Sangharsh Seva Samiti, Ramayan Nagar Resident Jai Jhulelal Samiti, Nanikjira Chowk Dashmesh Father Young Sikh Labana Sangathan, Neetu Vishwakarma , MNS leader Pradeep Godse, Netaji Bhatia Chowk Gangotri Foundation, Kurla Camp Citizen Foundation, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ashok Patil Nagar Association of Unorganized Workers Mira Sapkale and Parivartan Samajik Sanstha etc. supported the signing on October 10.


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