Swiss say yes to same-sex marriage, no to increased taxes on capital income –


Switzerland on Sunday approved a law granting same-sex couples the right to marry with a clear majority of 64%, but rejected with 65% a constitutional amendment aimed at raising taxes on the capital income of the rich. These are the results of two separate national referendums that took place on Sunday.

Regarding the law allowing same-sex couples to marry, a coalition of conservative and religious politicians had previously collected more than 50,000 signatures opposing the law, thus triggering a referendum before the entry into force of the law.

The approval of the law by referendum made Switzerland the 17th country in Europe to allow same-sex marriage.

Regarding the constitutional amendment aimed at increasing the capital income of the rich, the youth wing of the Social Democratic Party wanted taxes on capital income of more than 100,000 francs to be at least 1.5 times higher than the taxes on labor income. Their proposal, the so-called “99% initiative”, gathered the 100,000 signatures needed to pass a constitutional amendment. However, a vigorous campaign by trade associations ensured that the proposal had no chance of success.

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