Odiri Oginni, MD/CEO at United Capital Asset Management


Odiri is MD/CEO at United Capital Asset Management. United Capital Plc is a leading pan-African financial services institution focused on harnessing technology to provide businesses, individuals and governments with excellent financial services.

Oginni is an experienced business executive and board director with over 15 years of experience driving business strategy and financial performance.

She has relevant experience in the financial services industry in the areas of audit and compliance, portfolio management, financial analysis and improved reporting, tax and regulatory management, strategy and investor relations, treasury and cash flow management, business process automation, capital raising (equity and debt), budget preparation and analysis, corporate rating management and finance team training and development.

She is also passionate about business transformation and helping companies achieve market leadership.

As CEO of United Capital Asset Management Limited, under his leadership, together with his team, they achieved significant growth in assets under management by managing over N300 billion ($750 million) in total assets for institutions and individual investors in equities, fixed income and multi-asset strategies and solutions.

Odiri has grown the mutual fund portfolio from N7 billion in December 2018 to over N200 billion as of December 31, 2021, positioning the company in the top 3 mutual fund managers in Nigeria.

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Oginni was a former Group CFO of United Capital Plc, a publicly traded investment banking group. As CFO, she extended her influence beyond the traditional role of reporting financial results and managing costs to identify revenue growth opportunities, drive profit improvement and use financial data. to influence operational decision-making and strategy.

Previously, she served as Head of FINCON and Head of Financial Planning, Strategy and Investor Relations at United Capital Plc. She was also a portfolio analyst at BGL Plc and senior audit at Akintola Williams & Deloitte (now Deloitte and Touche).

She has held various mentoring roles including WIMBIZ Mentorship and Women in Investment Management of CFA Society Nigeria.

Currently, she is the Chairperson of the Employer Relations Committee of CFA Society Nigeria and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Career Women in Nigeria in 2021.

Oginni is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant, CFA Certified and a First Class Graduate in Accountancy from Babcock University.

She has some advice for you on investing. “Invest in yourself because it improves your ability to store and grow money. Invest in your education, personal development, financial education, etc., and by doing so, you are better prepared to take advantage of opportunities and avoid investments that could cause you to lose money. You must learn to do due diligence before investing. So investing in self-improvement comes before investing money. She warns.


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