Inhabitants’ organizations file a PIL against the housing tax linked to the value of the capital


Visakhapatnam: Visakha Apartment Residents’ Welfare Association (VARWA) and Greater Visakha Residents’ Colony Associations Federation (NIVAS) have filed separate Public Interest Litigation (PIL) cases in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh challenging the change in taxation system from property tax based on rental value to capital value property tax, collection of library tax without providing library facilities and misuse of tax collections, collection of tax of conservation as well as garbage collection fees for the same service, the imposition of illogical penalties also for old buildings.

The GVMC special officer who passed the resolution on 31.01.2021 does not have the power to intervene in political matters. Therefore, the 2021.01.31 resolution is null and void, implying that the entire re-taxation process is invalid, the petitions pointed out.

The authority of the GVMC special officer in passing the resolution is also disputed. VARWA General Secretary BB Ganesh and NIVAS General Secretary Pitta Narayana Murthy led a protest by staging a protest in front of the GVMC Gandhi statue here, asking GVMC not to collect property tax until justice will not have been rendered in court cases and to remove the garbage collection fee. since the townspeople reject with one voice.

They said there are cases filed by Vijayawada Taxpayers Association and B. Ganga Rao, Corporator, 78th Ward, GVMC, which is pending in court. VARWA and NIVAS submitted several memoranda to the GVMC on the matter. Therefore, the collection of taxes and charges should be suspended until the court judgement, they said.

Ganesh and Murthy said garbage collection fees should be abolished. During the demonstration, the demonstrators shouted slogans opposing the new tax system, demanding the honor of popular opinion and the judiciary. A memorandum was also sent to the Commissioner and the Mayor by post.


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