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Chicago, Illinois, Aug. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Che Capital, the asset manager of Wise Capital Seguin Fund I, announced the fund’s successful closing on the 53-acre parcel known for industrial land development.

Called Moonshine Park, the proposed project is strategically located at the T-junction of Austin’s Tollway 130 and Interstate 10, connecting San Antonio, Austin and Houston. The management team plans to develop this parcel to meet high demand uses such as warehousing and light industrial by working with the City of Seguin, Guadalupe County and industrial developers.

Additionally, Moonshine Park has front-end access on three roads, including over 1,000 feet on Highway 90. With easy access to Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcus, Lockhart, and Houston, Moonshine Park can support all manufacturers and growing e-commerce. Central Texas vendors.

Moonshine Park will also benefit from the recent passage of the CHIPS Act in the US Congress signaling a potential investment of $280 billion in semiconductor infrastructure. This will result in a cascading effect for suppliers to the Central Texas semiconductor business, who will need to increase their logistics footprint to meet growing demand.

Photo: Moonshine Park – a planned industrial development project, managed by Che Capital, in Seguin, Texas.

Che Capital co-founder Delphine Dung Nguyen notes, “Seguin, Texas is experiencing impressive growth due to its proximity to bustling San Antonio and the booming tech hub of Austin. Che Capital is proud to work with the pro-growth town of Seguin, its staff and elected officials to meet the demand for warehousing and light industrial locations. »

Moonshine Park is the first industrial land development that Che Capital operates and manages. It plans to continue this momentum with additional investments soon in response to the region’s strong demand for industrial and warehouse space.

“Seeing how my immigrant parents were able to save money to invest in real estate while working hard to support a large family, I have a good model to follow for creating passive income and a net. security for retirement. And they did all of that and were able to retire early without the benefit of having high-paying careers like pharmaceutical IT and real estate like me and my wife. Therefore, I invest in real estate and I particularly like land development,” said Henry Che, co-founder of Che Capital.

Photo: Delphine Nguyen and Henry Che - co-founders of Che Capital

Photo: Delphine Nguyen and Henry Che – co-founders of Che Capital

Che Capital was represented by Derek Slafka of Anders Pierce Realty based in Seguin, TX. Mr. Slafka was instrumental in brokering a win-win deal for buyer and seller.

About Che Capital:

Che Capital is a real estate investment firm that helps inventors create multiple streams of passive income by investing in strong real estate assets in growing markets. Che Capital was founded by Delphine Dung Nguyen and Henry Che. The company specializes in multifamily properties, cohousing and land development in and around high-growth areas of the United States.

Visit the following links for more information about the project and the project leaders:

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DISCLAIMER: This is not an investment offer. Any investment offer will be made through a private placement memorandum.


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